2017: Launch


Well its been a while, more like years and a lot has changed. Before we get to that, I’ll be blogging much more often this year than I have done in the past 2 years.

Lets start with a summary update on major buckets of life:

Health: Perhaps could be a little better. I have way more white hair and have put on some ‘more’ weight over the years. I have started taking steps and making small changes in my lifestyle to bring things under control before I start my journey backwards.

Business: I have started investing time again into my side hustle again and its bearing fruits. One of the projects I have always dreamed of getting of the ground is showing good traction and we are growing. Its broken even on a daily operational level but it will be a while before I recover all the money I put into the project. The idea is to get few more projects off the ground. A nice sidle hustle that keeps things interesting and supplements my income levels.

Personal: It seems the older I get the less trusting I am of new people. I always apprehensive of what a new person wants and if he has an hidden agenda. I have met a few new people but it will be a while before I really am comfortable around them. I guess this is normal?

Work: This bit is going as per plan and lot of new things here. Got a new boss, got a new role, new team and same company. I will be hiring more people to scale operations but that is one stable bit where not much has changed.

2017 plans?

The overall theme is to get procrastination under control and get more work done on all 4 areas of my life. Get more projects off the ground, manage relationships and people better, focus on health and have few good habits in place and kill it at work.

I already got a fitness tracker in place to tell me what my daily activity levels and I am trying to get a few routines in place to increase it bit by bit on a daily level. I have started leveraging podcasts on my way to work which helps a lot because I don’t get a chance to read. But there is still a long way to go, in getting my life together and aligned exactly with the objectives I am trying to achieve. Procrastination being one of the major pain in the bottom.

We’ll figure this one out.

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2015 : Consolidation


Before I go on about 2015 and my plan, I would like to take a moment and talk a bit about 2014 and how it came along. I entered 2014 with a lot of resolutions. Some got fulfilled and some didn’t. The focus was suppose to be health and knowledge. I lost the 10 kgs I wanted to lose and gained it back post Diwali when there was abundant supply of sweets around. As far as knowledge is concerned, I learned a lot. Mainly at work but that still counts ye? Its been more or less a year of consolidation and strengthening the foundation.

For 2015, The idea is to get life in order and look at the bigger picture. Take few steps back and start working towards what is going to matter 5-10 years from now. This involves improving my self, time with family & working on something bigger than myself. So the only way I think I could make an impact to a shit ton of people would be via the internet. The idea is to be dominant player in niches which are often over looked. The objective this year would be to get the reach going and monetization would soon follow.

Also, I want to be learning more stuff and learning fast. My only perpetual edge over people I compete with is going to be this. Knowing more than them. Adapting faster than them. Moving faster than them. I am thinking of MBA and an Arabic course. I want to learn more about the stock market, sports betting, decision making, game theory, economics & management. The only way I see this happening is making time to read.

The challenge this year would be to balance things. Work is pretty challenging and I literally have to put an effort to make time for people in my life. Friend, Family or whats so ever. The bigger challenge would be to find time for studying and reading. Lets see how this comes along.

To summarize, this will be the year I get my shit togather and sorted out and consolidate for the launch next year. This is the year to build that foundation.

Wish me luck.


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Weight in Gold Initiative


As you are aware I have been trying to lose weight for a while now and have come pretty far. I recently heard of the Dubai Municipality initiative where they are rewarding participants with a gram of gold for every kilo lost. Whats the catch? You have to lose  minimum 2 kgs.

Not waiting any further, I went ahead and registered myself on their website. You are required to take few print outs and head over to one of their weight measurement centers for the initial weight down.  The attendant there checked my ID and I was good to go. I was asked to empty my pockets and step on the weight machine. I clocked in at 84KGs.

I intend to lose around 6kgs at the end of this program which should roughly get me 6 grams of gold (worth 900 AED). Good coin for some self control if you ask me.

I honestly feel countries should invest in programs like these. The overall ROI would be way higher in the long run when they compare with their current investment in healthcare. Its funny how far people would go for a bit of Gold.

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2014 – Second Quarter Update


Companies break down their annual performance by quarters. I don’t see why one shouldn’t assess their life’s KPIs in a similar format too.  Looking at life by numbers is a bit weird, but you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to ensure you are heading in the correct direction at the required speed. Speed is just as important as the direction.

So below I’ll be sharing what I have accomplished last quarter and how I intend to carry on the momentum. Starting with the areas on what I accomplished this quarter:

Health: I have managed to lose some weight and resisted to gain it back. I am down close 8-10 KGs from my peaks. I intend to go further 8Kgs down this quarter. Its ambitious, its difficult. But I need to see the results fast to stay motivated. So a slower long term thing is not for me.

Finances:  Stuff has been working out quite decently. I’ve got a sizeable raise at work and I am a bit ahead on my retirement goal. Side/passive incomes are more less stable.

Investments: I have been investing some time and money in side businesses. I have been involved in 2 informal ventures. Both promising. Doesn’t make the dough but brings some calm.

Love: Nil.

Travel: I had the privilege to visit 10 countries in Europe this summer. The white have an awesome country to themselves. So much history and so much to see.  The white women really love their summer. I really love white women in summer.  Its not even a joke how many rapes I must have prevented by sheer self control. I am planning to travel to UK again. Lets hope it works out.

Skills: Nothing technical. But I have got a bit better at negotiations and dealing with difficult people. Both of that tends to take you a long way.

So as the next quarter of my world domination master plan I would accomplish a bunch of things. Focus again would be around health, finances, investment & education.

Health: I am still fat. I need to go 8 Kgs down in 4 Weeks starting from now. Its possible, just need the persistence and motivation.

Finances: I need to control what I spend and where in a better fashion. I need to know where I could optimize cost. I feel there is plenty of room for improvement here.

Investments:  The big plan this quarter is to launch one of the two ventures I always wanted. Its going to cost some serious bucks but I have a feeling I can pull through it. There is only one way to find out right?

Also, I have shared lieing around in my demat account not really doing anything. I would like to do a turn over of atleast 10k RS a month. I need to get into the trading game, keeps the mind sharp.

Education: I have not been reading enough. I would like to increase my knowledge about entrepreneurship, marketing, people & economics. I plan to take one of the stanford or course era course and see it through.

Lets see how this quarter pans out. Wish me luck.






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5 Life Lessons from Your Daily Dubai – Sharjah Traffic Rut


The Idea for this post came today evening when I was stuck in the ‘World infamous’ Dubai-Sharjah traffic. I realized that the daily ritual for 4 years has had a greater impact on me as a person than I thought previously. As stupid as it sounds, there are a bunch of life lessons there.

Lesson 1: Idiots will Come

No Matter what you do, you’ll always have that one fucktard cut you off, drive at the speed of tortoise ahead of you or give every Tom, Dick & Harry way. Its a part of the ride and you’ll need to embrace it.

Lesson 2: Some Opportunities have to be made

No one is going to give you way in Dubai-Sharjah traffic, You need to tilt your car and put it in the first gap you find. This makes the driver stop and give you way. You can’t wait for some nice guy to give you way. You’ll never reach home.

Lesson 3: Salik doesn’t mean Less Traffic

Just because you are paying more for something doesn’t make it premium or high quality. You need to be smart where to pay the premium and where not to.

Lesson 4: You can’t have total control

You can’t control everything. You can’t control the speed of the car ahead of you. You can’t make the traffic move faster. You can either lose your cool and go no where or be patient and take it one stretch at a time.

Lesson 5: We are all the same

No matter if you are driving a sunny or a land cruiser. It gives you little or no advantage in a bumper to bumper traffic. We are all the same at the end of the day. (A little deep?)



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