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Another 30 Day Challenge ?


A 30 day challenge is a pretty nice way to cultivate a good habit. 30 days is just the right time you need to understand if something is for you or not. My first 30 day challenge I realized that blogging everyday was not for me. I would simply run out of things to talk about. This normally doesn’t happen.

But this time, I am going to try a 30 day challenge on a fitness level. I am going to go on a 30 minute walk everyday. A god forbid I miss a day, I ll make up for it on the next day. Very simple but demanding.

I am a manufactured geek. I like to use my brains and fingers to get work done. Not much of the active type. Lets see how this works out. I’ll issue weekly updates to update you people on how its working out.

A New theme May be?


I was looking around the block for a new theme for one of my existing projects and I came across some pretty neat stuff. I think the blog is a little dull and too straight foreword. There needs to be much more personal to it.

I am considering a facelift and a much more. Its going to be more social. But due to aspects and factors relating my business being open about my actual identity is not a good idea. I’ll try to connect on a much more personal level but I am not really ready to reveal my identity as of yet.

Look foreword to greatness and awesomeness !

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Metro is finally out at 9/9/09 – 9.09 PM


After a hell lot of drilling and lot of traffic diversion and congestion the high tech wonder, the dubai metro is finally out.It kinda slipped out of my head though today was 9/9/09. I was in the gym ( Geeks work out too , some times šŸ˜› ) and they were streaming it live on the tv. . The Dubai sheik was walking along with other fellows in white kandhuras.
They made him wait till it was 9.09 PM and then he swipes his card and all the media camera’s were flashing *Jig**Jig* ( Not sure if that was the kind of sound , but let it be that way ) . He boards the metro along with other people. The thing that caught my attention was, that a good number of arabs were standing while traveling. I am really thinking, would arabs use metro later? I don’t think so .

Now metro is up and they’ve got all this special buses running to compliment traveling by metro. What does this indicate? they are surely gonna do something to curb the number of passenger vehicles on the road some time soon. They might do it by increasing some registration charges bla bla bla, i am sure they will find something.

Arabs are surely not gonna be affected by this ( they have way too much money and influence to care enough…) . So where does it all come down to ? Yes to us , the expats. I am sure everything is planned and they are just waiting for the right time.

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Got My hair Styled by the same philipino Barber !


LifeĀ  my friends is full of surprises. After my horrible last week encounter , I had to go again to the same place to get my hair styled up for a party . I really didn’t want to go there but had no option.

I took quite a piece of my balls to go there and face him again . I really didn’t know if I would make it out of the shop clean .

He smiled ( The gay kinda of smile ) and asked me what kind of hair styling was I looking for .I replied .He started off with giving me a hair wash . ( Hair wash for the hair on my head , Do not MISUNDERSTAND ).I really have no idea why was he taking so much time . It was freaky , His hands in my hair .

Then he applied some wax and spiked it all up . He did his job well , it was all good .Ā  I was all set to rock and roll.

He was good at what he did , But well he was gay . So a ” Gay Professional ” .

Why do male professionalsĀ  in the fashion and cosmetic sector turn out to be kind of gayish ?

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Why should you carry two cell phones in Dubai !


After the other telecommunication provider du popped up to end the almost forever monopoly of the ruthless etisalat , it quite brought with it a dilemma for the consumers .It kind of made it confusing , which one to opt for DU or Etisalat?

Each one had its own pros and cons .Du didn’t have all that good coverage and using etisalat for short duration calls sucked .

You couldn’t let go of your old number because all friends and peers already have it and you don’t wanna go through the number distribution process all over again.So you would rather prefer to stick on to the old etisalatĀ  number even if you wanted to change to du .

Du onĀ  the other hand is one of the most unreliable service providers I have come across. Signals are weak , calls dont get conencted , sms get delivered late but the only plus point is the per second pulse which could save you a lot of money at the end of the month.

But if you carry 2 cell phones , You can receive calls on your etisalat mobile and call back using the duĀ  mobile.Trust me , It may seem a little off beat in the starting but it really enables you to make most out of your credit .

It kind of stinks to carry two cell phones in the starting but slowly you get used to it and becomes a part of your routine . I my self carry two cell phone ,and so does my dad .

It wouldn’t hurt if you saved few fills on every call you made . Just another money saving tip for the recession hit country .

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