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Beware of Philipino Barbers in Dubai .


It was all a myth till I experienced it my self . I was warned by my peers that Philipino barbers are dangerous and not at all straight .I didn’t believe them then , but now I DO !

It happened yesterday , My friend had to go get a hair cut done in a saloon with philipino barber . There was nothing masculine about him . His hair were long and rolled upon and tightened by a clip usually used by females . He was wearing a tight light yellow tshirt .He had big man boobs and protruding tummy ( I don’t get it , why do fat people where tight tshirt , Cartoons )

For a moment , I thought he looked like a pregnant women , with tummy protruding out and man boobs full of milk ( Don’t mind , My dirty mind ) .

I ve got the shock of my life when one of his Arab clients walked in and he rolls his eyes top to bottom ( More of a scan ) and gives him a smile and indicates with his eyes to come out . ( I was like ” Holly fudge ” ) . The Arab client walks straight out of the shop .

I ain’t by no means generalizing , but come on precaution is always better than cure . So before you get your hair cut by a Philipino barber in Dubai , THINK TWICE !

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