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30 Days Challenge : Weight Reduction


I sit on a computer and press buttons for a living. Urmm, Its a bit more complicated than that but lets no go there. The whole point being there is not much I do physically in a day. This has lead to a positive accumulation of calories and a rapid weight gain. To put things in perspective, I have gained 25 kgs in past 5 years.

Before shit hits the fan real time, I am going to be taking a series of steps to get back to the 5 year old level. I understand its not going to be easy and is going to require a lot of work. The good part is that I am motivated and determined as ever to see this one through. I’ll post a weekly update from here on what happened and how is it coming along.

Plan of action for First week:

1) Go for a walk : 5 days a week for 40 Minutes a day.

2) Eat sprouts for dinner 6 Days / Week.

3) Drink More water.

A Short Note about Happiness


During the past few days, I have been pondering a lot about Happiness. A lot of questions came up which I really didn’t have answer for. They are as follows :

1) Is happiness something temporary or permanent ?

2) How do you know your happy ?

3) Is there a way you can measure happiness?

4) What makes one happy ?

5) Can you buy happiness ? If yes, for how much?

A lot of these questions are subjective and the answers may vary from person to person. Unfortunately, there might not be any concrete answers to these questions. But I’ll investigate and find out for sure.



The Price of Being a Sheep…


The Price of Being a Sheep


“The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care.” – Hugh  Macleod

Overnight Desert Safari In Dubai


I have been to plenty of desert safaris in Dubai. As a resident of Dubai I have kind of grown over the whole concept of a safari. I would surely love to try dune bashing with my car though.

I recently read about over night desert safari in Dubai and It was kind of fascinating. I would like to spend my night in the tent under the starlight sky. I would surely do this in the winter as I am no fan of being roasted to sleep. I’ve heard that the deserts and the wadis are spectacular in the winters.

I am planning on getting some off roading gear like tents and lanterns. I am surely looking forward to head to the wadis this December. Lets Hope it works out well.

The last post of the 30 days challenge….


Well, I did manage to complete the challenge though there were times when I had to make multiple posts a day to catch up on my target. There are a lot of things I noticed during this challenge.

You can actually do what you want to do if you try hard enough. Make and effort and start. Eventually you’ll have momentum on your side and all targets will be achievable.

I also noticed that the focus had gone from providing quality content to rolling out posts. I am not exactly very happy with all the posts but I think they would work just fine. Up goes the quantity, down goes the quality. It is a very simple rule.

Will I be doing this again? I don’t think so. I would be striving to provide much more quality and insightful content on the site.

Pheww… I made it through !

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