Words of Wisdom


The following are a series of quotes and one liners and quotations which I have formulated from my own experience.

  • Arguing and Wrestling with a ‘Pathan’ is Pointless. You’ll lose both your mind and body in the process.
  • Never buy a car from a ‘Pakistani’ or an ‘Arab’. They are aggressive people in general and tend to fuck the car up.
  • Always be in total control of the consequences your actions can have.
  • One is better off getting up early, than being stuck in traffic.
  • Second Chances are overrated. People changing is overrated. If he can cheat you once, He can surely do it again.
  • To know how to program is an Asset.
  • Speeding is pointless. Putting your life and money at risk to reach somewhere a little early doesn’t seem a reasonable gamble. I am better off leaving early.
  • Yes, you are a human. You were programmed to make mistakes. Recheck everything twice.
  • Money should never lie ideal.
  • The way a man treats his woman and his money, tells a lot about the person.
  • Speak less, observe/hear more.
  • Problems often arise because fools are over confident and the wise people are always in doubt.
  • Never underestimate the power of duct tape.
  • The easier it comes, the lesser its appreciated.
  • Why? He is local, that is why !
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