Metro is finally out at 9/9/09 – 9.09 PM


After a hell lot of drilling and lot of traffic diversion and congestion the high tech wonder, the dubai metro is finally out.It kinda slipped out of my head though today was 9/9/09. I was in the gym ( Geeks work out too , some times 😛 ) and they were streaming it live on the tv. . The Dubai sheik was walking along with other fellows in white kandhuras.
They made him wait till it was 9.09 PM and then he swipes his card and all the media camera’s were flashing *Jig**Jig* ( Not sure if that was the kind of sound , but let it be that way ) . He boards the metro along with other people. The thing that caught my attention was, that a good number of arabs were standing while traveling. I am really thinking, would arabs use metro later? I don’t think so .

Now metro is up and they’ve got all this special buses running to compliment traveling by metro. What does this indicate? they are surely gonna do something to curb the number of passenger vehicles on the road some time soon. They might do it by increasing some registration charges bla bla bla, i am sure they will find something.

Arabs are surely not gonna be affected by this ( they have way too much money and influence to care enough…) . So where does it all come down to ? Yes to us , the expats. I am sure everything is planned and they are just waiting for the right time.

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“Metro is finally out at 9/9/09 – 9.09 PM”

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