2014 – Second Quarter Update


Companies break down their annual performance by quarters. I don’t see why one shouldn’t assess their life’s KPIs in a similar format too.  Looking at life by numbers is a bit weird, but you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to ensure you are heading in the correct direction at the required speed. Speed is just as important as the direction.

So below I’ll be sharing what I have accomplished last quarter and how I intend to carry on the momentum. Starting with the areas on what I accomplished this quarter:

Health: I have managed to lose some weight and resisted to gain it back. I am down close 8-10 KGs from my peaks. I intend to go further 8Kgs down this quarter. Its ambitious, its difficult. But I need to see the results fast to stay motivated. So a slower long term thing is not for me.

Finances:  Stuff has been working out quite decently. I’ve got a sizeable raise at work and I am a bit ahead on my retirement goal. Side/passive incomes are more less stable.

Investments: I have been investing some time and money in side businesses. I have been involved in 2 informal ventures. Both promising. Doesn’t make the dough but brings some calm.

Love: Nil.

Travel: I had the privilege to visit 10 countries in Europe this summer. The white have an awesome country to themselves. So much history and so much to see.  The white women really love their summer. I really love white women in summer.  Its not even a joke how many rapes I must have prevented by sheer self control. I am planning to travel to UK again. Lets hope it works out.

Skills: Nothing technical. But I have got a bit better at negotiations and dealing with difficult people. Both of that tends to take you a long way.

So as the next quarter of my world domination master plan I would accomplish a bunch of things. Focus again would be around health, finances, investment & education.

Health: I am still fat. I need to go 8 Kgs down in 4 Weeks starting from now. Its possible, just need the persistence and motivation.

Finances: I need to control what I spend and where in a better fashion. I need to know where I could optimize cost. I feel there is plenty of room for improvement here.

Investments:  The big plan this quarter is to launch one of the two ventures I always wanted. Its going to cost some serious bucks but I have a feeling I can pull through it. There is only one way to find out right?

Also, I have shared lieing around in my demat account not really doing anything. I would like to do a turn over of atleast 10k RS a month. I need to get into the trading game, keeps the mind sharp.

Education: I have not been reading enough. I would like to increase my knowledge about entrepreneurship, marketing, people & economics. I plan to take one of the stanford or course era course and see it through.

Lets see how this quarter pans out. Wish me luck.






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