2015 : Consolidation


Before I go on about 2015 and my plan, I would like to take a moment and talk a bit about 2014 and how it came along. I entered 2014 with a lot of resolutions. Some got fulfilled and some didn’t. The focus was suppose to be health and knowledge. I lost the 10 kgs I wanted to lose and gained it back post Diwali when there was abundant supply of sweets around. As far as knowledge is concerned, I learned a lot. Mainly at work but that still counts ye? Its been more or less a year of consolidation and strengthening the foundation.

For 2015, The idea is to get life in order and look at the bigger picture. Take few steps back and start working towards what is going to matter 5-10 years from now. This involves improving my self, time with family & working on something bigger than myself. So the only way I think I could make an impact to a shit ton of people would be via the internet. The idea is to be dominant player in niches which are often over looked. The objective this year would be to get the reach going and monetization would soon follow.

Also, I want to be learning more stuff and learning fast. My only perpetual edge over people I compete with is going to be this. Knowing more than them. Adapting faster than them. Moving faster than them. I am thinking of MBA and an Arabic course. I want to learn more about the stock market, sports betting, decision making, game theory, economics & management. The only way I see this happening is making time to read.

The challenge this year would be to balance things. Work is pretty challenging and I literally have to put an effort to make time for people in my life. Friend, Family or whats so ever. The bigger challenge would be to find time for studying and reading. Lets see how this comes along.

To summarize, this will be the year I get my shit togather and sorted out and consolidate for the launch next year. This is the year to build that foundation.

Wish me luck.


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