2017: Launch


Well its been a while, more like years and a lot has changed. Before we get to that, I’ll be blogging much more often this year than I have done in the past 2 years.

Lets start with a summary update on major buckets of life:

Health: Perhaps could be a little better. I have way more white hair and have put on some ‘more’ weight over the years. I have started taking steps and making small changes in my lifestyle to bring things under control before I start my journey backwards.

Business: I have started investing time again into my side hustle again and its bearing fruits. One of the projects I have always dreamed of getting of the ground is showing good traction and we are growing. Its broken even on a daily operational level but it will be a while before I recover all the money I put into the project. The idea is to get few more projects off the ground. A nice sidle hustle that keeps things interesting and supplements my income levels.

Personal: It seems the older I get the less trusting I am of new people. I always apprehensive of what a new person wants and if he has an hidden agenda. I have met a few new people but it will be a while before I really am comfortable around them. I guess this is normal?

Work: This bit is going as per plan and lot of new things here. Got a new boss, got a new role, new team and same company. I will be hiring more people to scale operations but that is one stable bit where not much has changed.

2017 plans?

The overall theme is to get procrastination under control and get more work done on all 4 areas of my life. Get more projects off the ground, manage relationships and people better, focus on health and have few good habits in place and kill it at work.

I already got a fitness tracker in place to tell me what my daily activity levels and I am trying to get a few routines in place to increase it bit by bit on a daily level. I have started leveraging podcasts on my way to work which helps a lot because I don’t get a chance to read. But there is still a long way to go, in getting my life together and aligned exactly with the objectives I am trying to achieve. Procrastination being one of the major pain in the bottom.

We’ll figure this one out.

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