5 Sim Cards Free when you renew your Vehcile Registration?


My vehicle registration recently expired and I had to head to RTA to get the stupid vehicle inspection done. They pointed out my tyres needed replacement. I don’t know much about cars but my dad said they were fine and could do another year. I kind of don’t believe him because the tired has cracks all over. Nevertheless, we got it replaced.

Tires are expensive. Car registration is expensive. Insurance is expensive. Everything is expensive when you don’t make money.

Ok, Enough of the rant. Basically, renew your vehicle now and get 5 sim cards for every transaction. The sim cards come with a pre load of 20 AED. Plus, they give you a coupon to some sort of raffle draw sponsored by ENOC. Do check it out.

5 Free simcards and raffle draw coupon never hurt anyone !

PS: Don’t forget to take your emirates id photo copy.

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