Going Nowhere..


I have finally hit a phase in my life which I am not really fond of. Its one of those times when you feel you are up to no good. Everything is sluggish and you don’t have the motivation to do what is needed on a day to day basis. All the enthusiasm and zeal has just died off.

I am not really sure of the cause but may be it does have something to do with the routine I am currently in. May be its the extra long working hours to blame and the long commute that follows that. I am really not sure what is it. But the focus in the coming weeks is going to be to get as much work done with as less distraction as possible.

I haven’t really learned anything new in the past 4 to 5 months. I don’t get the time to read neither the opportunity to do anything new. Its a rut.

So What am I going to do about it?


1)Get some exercise routine going. It doesn’t need to be a work out. All it needs to be is some sort of walk/jog to start with. We can move to more serious stuff later.

2)Read some books. A book along that lines.

3) Learn Excel. Become a Guru. Do what it takes.

I’ll post an update soon about how it all comes togather.

Stay tuned.


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