The easier it comes the less its appreciated.


With every passing year, the men and women on this planet tend to get more selfish and less grateful. One of the principle blocks to happiness is to appreciate what you have around you and be grateful for everything.Unfortunately, a lot of people are just too busy and full of themselves to notice it.

A Mercedes is appreciated all over the world because it doesn’t come easy. The bigger the price tag more its appreciated. That is a wrong mindset and a completely wrong state of mind. I am not saying, don’t buy expensive things. What I am saying is just because the thing is not too expensive doesn’t mean its of no good.

This is also applicable in our day to day lives. Just because you are available for them whenever they ask, your time goes unappreciated. They take you and your time for granted.  Dealing with such ungrateful fucks is always a pain.

Make it count. Be grateful for everything. Be grateful for things that came easy and the things you struggled for. There is nothing wrong in being humble.


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