Weight in Gold Initiative


As you are aware I have been trying to lose weight for a while now and have come pretty far. I recently heard of the Dubai Municipality initiative where they are rewarding participants with a gram of gold for every kilo lost. Whats the catch? You have to lose  minimum 2 kgs.

Not waiting any further, I went ahead and registered myself on their website. You are required to take few print outs and head over to one of their weight measurement centers for the initial weight down.  The attendant there checked my ID and I was good to go. I was asked to empty my pockets and step on the weight machine. I clocked in at 84KGs.

I intend to lose around 6kgs at the end of this program which should roughly get me 6 grams of gold (worth 900 AED). Good coin for some self control if you ask me.

I honestly feel countries should invest in programs like these. The overall ROI would be way higher in the long run when they compare with their current investment in healthcare. Its funny how far people would go for a bit of Gold.

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