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The Indian Growth Story


I am an Indian but I have lived majority of my life in Dubai. To be honest, only thing Indian about me is my passport. This summer when I was in India, I realized how I took clean streets, even roads and silence for granted. Indian streets are chaotic, administrative system is corrupted deep down till the roots and no one accountable.

Even after so many negatives, the Indian Economy is doing what it is doing. Administrative bottle necks, corrupt decision makers, selfish mottos and wide spread opinion conflicts are hampering growth all around. Still we are posting some of the best economy numbers in the world.

I still look around in India and see there is so much that needs to be done infrastructure wise, product wise and marker wise. If someone manages to run the show in a decent manner India is gonna grow two times faster than it currently is.

I am optimistic things are gonna get better. Not today, Not tomorrow but some where down the line it is going to happen. My money is on the Indian consumption story for next 10 years for sure.

Make it happen


Have you ever come up with an idea that you know will earn you a million dollars ? If no, you are useless. If yes, do you have what it takes to see the idea through?  Its a bit surprising that so many people think but very few actually implement what they have thought.

Something is holding them back. It could be laziness, peer pressure or may be the lack of time. I bet they have a thousand excuses. It is this excuses that make them lead an ordinary life. The life where the focus is on saving and not earning. The life where you have to think twice before buying something you like.

I am a firm believer that life is too short to live the conventional. You need to step outside your comfort zone every once a while and make things happen. Asses and evaluate your ideas. Believe in them, no matter how much criticism you receive. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, no one else will.

Pick an idea. Make a plan. See it through. Make it happen.

The Science Behind Money


Money always dazzled me. At a younger age it was more about things money could buy for me. In the late teens, I realized it there was more to money than earning and spending it. I also realized that the people who manage big money are paid big money. At the center of all major decision is money.

The flow of money decides what asset is in demand and will outperform it peers in a discreet time frame. The flow of money decides what a country ought to be. The flow of money decides your tax rates. Track where the money is heading and a lot of things will start to emerge and hazy details will start becoming clear.

The funny aspect is that a lot of emphasis is laid by the common man is on earning the money. I understand it is important. But to get it to work should be a major focus. If done right your money can make you much more than your work ever will. Manage your risks, make calculated decisions. Take control.

Learn about money. Learn how to make more money with your money. Learn how to not lose money. Learn about money systems. Learn about how money in one country affects the other country. Learn !


Back in the country


I am finally back in my comfort zone, back in Dubai. Not Dubai exactly, Sharjah. It feels kinda warm and less sticky. Its nice to be around things I am used to and comfortable with. I feel relaxed knowing that when I set out from point A to Point B, I will reach without surprised. I ll reach without some bike, cycle or car almost running me over. I ll reach without any cows in the way. I ll reach without having to constantly looking down to make sure I am not stepping on poop.

However it is, I am going to miss the place. Cheap food, extended family and lot of noise. Its a good place for a 2 week change, I am not sure if I would like to settle there. Its a little difficult to settle for something less when you’ve had the best you know. But at the end of the day, its my country.

I am still hopeful, someday it will be worth living in. Not today, not tomorrow but somewhere down the line. It will be a decent place to live in and that is when I’ll go back. I will go back.


Retiring at 35…


I am a 21 year Aeronautical engineer who aims to retire by the age of 35. When I tell my parents and relatives about this, they are usually startled. They don’t know how it will work out. I have a rough plan in mind and I am trying to fill in the details.

I have to work hard for 14 years to ensure that I don’t work for rest of my life. Its a good deal i’ll take it. So what am I going to do after the age of 35 ? I am going to do whatever I want. May be travel the world, raise cattle, make more sites or even farm.

I don’t want this money to feed myself and my future family. I want this money to buy me independence from my worldly responsibility and allow me to do what I want.This is life is too short. I want to live it to the fullest.

I am going to share my calculations with you in the next blog post on how exactly am I going to make it happen. So stay tuned !


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